March 11, 2007

Modern Canopy Beds

Posted in bedroom at 6:56 am by homehappy

minimal.jpgAccording to the experts at BHG, “a canopy makes the bed a special room within a room.” I personally still haven’t decided whether I like canopies or not. They look nice in the magazines, sure, but a canopy bed in my own bedroom? Wouldn’t it collect dust on top? Wouldn’t you accidentally bump yourself against it quite often? What is the *purpose* of a canopy, anyway?

I sort of like these, however:

More than Minimal: The strong, clean lines of this pencil-post bed are softened with yards of gossamer fabric draped over the top and a gentle gathering of curtains tied back at the headboard.

brownwhite.jpgSheerly White Canopy:

Surrounded in sheer white curtains, this bed feels cozy and airy at the same time.

The panels are bordered in lengths of white satin, adding a bit of glamour and glow.

Dark wood tones are the only other colors in the space, creating a serene getaway.

Modern Canopy:

This contemporary bedroom gets a shot of personality and interest from a repeating pattern of boxes and squares.

modern.jpgWall niches, built-in bookshelves, and a metal canopy bed each include geometric shapes.

Canopy draperies are made of striped fabric hung from tabs.

(All images and words from Better Homes and Gardens.)


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