March 10, 2007

Space-Saving Bathroom Tips

Posted in bathroom at 4:36 pm by homehappy

Even baths with minimal measurements can offer full-scale convenience. Here are some ideas to help you transcend those spare-space problems.

Blue Bathroom

  • Replace a bulky vanity with a sleek pedestal sink. To make up for lost countertop space, add a narrow ledge to the wall behind the sink.
    • Investigate tub options. Choosing a nonstandard size or shape may allow more efficient use of floor space. Check out corner tubs, old-fashioned freestanding units, small-but-deep soaking tubs, and models specifically scaled for small spaces.
    • Improve efficiency with special cabinetry fittings: pull-out laundry hampers, tilt-out waste cans, drawer organizers for cosmetics and toiletries, and appliance garages for personal appliances.
      • Be creative with shelving. Stack a corner with out-of-the-way wedge-shaped glass shelves. Stow rolled towels in a wall-mounted wine rack. Build a labyrinth of recessed cubbyholes in spaces between the wall studs.
      • Use pocket doors instead of hinged doors, so there’s no need to make room for swing clearance.
        • Make a small space feel larger with mirrors, shiny metals, and glass. Reflective materials create the illusion of more space. Glass lets the eye see through a solid surface.

        From Better Homes and Gardens.
        (Click for more tips on bathroom planning.)


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