March 10, 2007

Bathroom Accessories

Posted in bathroom at 11:00 pm by homehappy

When it comes to bathroom accessories, think sleek and simple. I’m partial to cool blues, although black and white is a timeless colour combination and can look elegant… in the right sort of bathroom. Ditto for accents like letters and floral patterns.


1. Adler Lacquerware Bath Accessories at Linens ‘n Things.

2. Black + White 5-piece set, unfortunately discontinued. (Via DesignMilk.)

3. Blue + White Coordinates, unfortunately discontinued. (Via DesignMilk.)

4. Veratex Westside Caddy at Linens ‘n Things. (Via DesignMilk.)


5. Shadow Vine Bath Coordinates at Target.

6. Black/White Cosmo Bath Coordinates at Target.

7. Solid Blue Bath Accessories at Kohls.

8. Blue Resin Bath Collection at Target.

9. Fun Bath Accessories at Bed Bath and Beyond.

10. Croscill Asian Inspirations Bath Accessories at BedBathStore.


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