March 12, 2007

More stunning tree designs

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Speaking of trees, this room divider by textile designer Anna Magdalena Johannson is gorgeous. (Discovered via AT.)


I also like this wallpaper of hers:



Inspiration: Trees on the Bedroom Wall

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1. “Make a stunning statement with a focus wall of beautiful wallpaper,” as LivingEtc puts it. I love the warm, gentle autumnal colours and knitted textures.


2. Or you could recreate this beautiful DIY project. You need plates, stencils, branches, and skillful hands. For the how-tos, go to ApartmentTherapy.


3. Domino‘s version of Trees-on-the-bedroom-wall is “branches and blooms” in an all-over wallpaper, achieving (as with all these ideas) an outdoorsy feeling.


March 11, 2007

Oh-la-la: Lace Tape

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Check out this gorgeous lace printed packaging tape!


Available here, in black or white. (Via The Style Files.)

A Bedrooom I Would Sleep In: Creamy White

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Layers of neutral bedding, wall- coverings, and window treatments create a relaxing master bedroom.

The bed, covered in creamy white linens and topped by a silk-upholstered headboard, is a classically sophisticated oasis.

(From BHG.)

I know it looks a tad quaint, but I love it for the matching headboard and curtains, and the light and airiness (oh, so relaxing).



Knits on vases and teapots

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Amazing knitted porcelain texture vessels by Anette Bugansky:



And adorable tea cozies…


From Couverture.


By Ruth Cross.

Inspiration: Wordplay!

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Lovely letters on a wall, from the Jan 07 issue of LivingEtc (photo via Oh Joy!).


Rustic iron letter hooks, featured in Sunset. (Photo from ApartmentTherapy.)


Scrabble pillows from Stephen Reed Industrial Design. (Via DesignMilk.)


Modern Canopy Beds

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minimal.jpgAccording to the experts at BHG, “a canopy makes the bed a special room within a room.” I personally still haven’t decided whether I like canopies or not. They look nice in the magazines, sure, but a canopy bed in my own bedroom? Wouldn’t it collect dust on top? Wouldn’t you accidentally bump yourself against it quite often? What is the *purpose* of a canopy, anyway?

I sort of like these, however:

More than Minimal: The strong, clean lines of this pencil-post bed are softened with yards of gossamer fabric draped over the top and a gentle gathering of curtains tied back at the headboard.

brownwhite.jpgSheerly White Canopy:

Surrounded in sheer white curtains, this bed feels cozy and airy at the same time.

The panels are bordered in lengths of white satin, adding a bit of glamour and glow.

Dark wood tones are the only other colors in the space, creating a serene getaway.

Modern Canopy:

This contemporary bedroom gets a shot of personality and interest from a repeating pattern of boxes and squares.

modern.jpgWall niches, built-in bookshelves, and a metal canopy bed each include geometric shapes.

Canopy draperies are made of striped fabric hung from tabs.

(All images and words from Better Homes and Gardens.)

A Bedroom I Would Sleep In: Warm Accents

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A wall of draperies calls attention to the focal-point bed with an extra-high headboard, plump pillows, and striking geometric throw.

Nearby, matching contemporary lamps sit atop similar, yet different, night tables in dark wood.

(From BHG.)

Inspiration: Brighten Up the Bathroom!

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A simple, yet great idea from ApartmentTherapy: Put a beautiful flower (or two) in a small vase on the sink, to transform a cold bathroom into a bright and lively one.


Here’s another related tip from BHG: Instead of spending lots of dough on lots of flowers to fill one large vase, create striking and inexpensive centerpieces by filling a cluster of small vases with a few stems of flowers. The colored-glass vases are flea market finds that glow in the sunlight.


Zen Bathrooms

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Twist of Lime

limebath.jpgBath adornments are kept to a minimum, allowing the natural materials and clean lines to speak for themselves. Limestone tiles cover the ledge wall and floor; a limestone slab tops the vanity. Undermounting the sink and tub keeps the attention on the surface materials.

Make a splash with a burst of color in towels and accessories.

A twin medicine chest doubles storage space over the sink.

Glass block windows let in light, but shield from prying eyes.

Stacked bamboo boxes and slatted floor contribute a new texture.

Comfort in Contrasts


This bath is a study in contrasts. White trim, fabrics, and fixtures stand out against a wall palette of cool blues and tidewater greens painted in a mosaic design.

The room’s soft color palette suggests hues of the nearby ocean.

A mahogany mirror and wood chair serve to anchor the cool tones.

Silver accents shimmer on the sink, light, and accessories.

Shells perched on Lucite shelves continue the subtle ocean theme.

Sea of Glass

aquabath.jpgMosaic tiles in two soft shades of blue-green give this updated 1950s bath the look of ocean water. Underfoot a terrazzo floor shows off specks of aqua. Long horizontal windows on three walls infuse the space with light but allow for total privacy.

Tiles in a darker aqua surround the tub area with watery hues.

The large wall mirror is bordered with tile, giving the look of a frame.

Concealed behind a door is a pull-out laundry bin in the vanity.

Accents of chrome and glass distribute sparkling reflections throughout.

All bathroom ideas via BHG.

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